The Maslow Project is a resource center and outreach program in Coos Bay for youth and families who are in need of help and resources, or who might be homeless.

We provide free services and opportunities for youth ages 0-22 and their families. Drop in hours: Monday - Friday, 2pm-6pm. Or, Call for an appointment: (541) 297 - 4448. We are located at 760 South Second Street, Coos Bay Oregon.

At the Maslow Project,
we can help you with:
- Meals
- Showers
- Laundry
- Personal Hygiene Supplies
- Clothing/Shoes
- Bedding
- Medical Referrals
- Mentoring
- HS Diploma/ GED Tutoring
- Job Skills Training
- Recreational Activities
- Counseling - onsite by a licensed therapist
- Food Stamps/ Oregon Health Plan


A video made by our partners, the Maslow Project in Medford, Oregon:

Did You Know?

There are over 600 homeless youth in Coos County.

There are more than 18,000 homeless students enrolled in the Oregon Public Schools.

With a strong foundation you can reach the top!

Basic needs must be met before higher goals can be achieved. The Maslow Project provides help in meeting these basic needs, along with educational and leadership opportunities to help meet these goals.

If you are in any of the following situations (with or without your parent or guardian), we can help!

- Living on the street, camping, car
- Couch surfing
- Living in a shelter
- Living with friends or family
- Runaway
- Not enrolled in school for any reason

Or just in need of help, please come in and see us or contact our outreach team!